Personal Projects


Mobile app for pet owners. Supports multiple pets & families. Apple sign in, Google login & Email auth. Personalized and custom events. Push notifications for family members and reminders. Image uploads, pinch-to-zoom photo gallery.


🛠 React Native, TypeScript, Expo, DRF, Celery, S3, CloudFront, Lambda

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Plagiarism checker

A platform used by Tallinn University of Technology to detect plagiarised source code, based on MOSS. Capable of cloning and checking 500 student repos for similarities on a specified assignment in under 3 minutes. Permission groups, course, assignment management, live feed of server logs.

🛠 React, Django, Celery, GitLab API, websockets, multiprocessing

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Kanban boards

A showcase project of combining React and Django. Code coverage of >95%. Accompanied by blogs posts on deployment and testing.


🛠 TypeScript, React, Redux, DRF, Nginx, Ansible, Docker, Jest, Cypress

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